The National Fireworks Laboratory was established and is managed by the R&D Division.
The Lab operates as the field test lab of the Standards Institution of Israel, pertaining to the examination of pyrotechnics products and is the sole certified body for testing and examining imported products, certifying the import, marketing and activation of such products in Israel.
The Lab representatives are a certified authorized reference for providing expertise in professional commission and forums. The Lab performs the tests according to the European safety standard EN15947 and EN16261.
The pyrotechnic articles are tested in strict safety and quality tests that are part of Prototype Tests and Batch Tests, in accordance with the standards. All Lab personnel are authorized fireworks operators, certified by the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and were trained at the National Laboratories of France (INERIS). The Lab also maintains diverse connections with similar labs worldwide and is collaborating with labs in Europe and the Far East.